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Don’t waste time and money travelling to meetings. INSTANTER’s meeting rooms are equipped with the latest videoconferencing technology to provide a cost-efficient alternative. You’ll only pay for the time you need and can even book rooms outside office hours to suit your attendees’ time zones. And our professional support teams are always on hand to make sure your meeting runs smoothly.

Why opt for the Instanter virtual office service?

Would you rather receive your clients in a fully equipped office in the Spacelance, Sulekha, Eoffice or Locanto than in a hotel lobby? Or are you looking for a place to give a presentation in one of these countries? Then our operational offices are for you! At Instanter, we can take care of everything for you, from A to Z. To allow you to focus on what is really important to you. The rates we offer are the most competitive on the market. For only €200 a month, we offer the most inexpensive office solutions to private individuals, starters and subsidiaries. We give you a business address or virtual office, but our virtual office solutions go beyond that. We see it as our mission to support companies abroad that want to reach the European or global market. We enable these companies to do good business in the Seychelles, Lichtenstein, Cyprus, Luxemburg or the Netherlands. Instanteris an inventor, and we have a lot of experience in consultancy – we stand out among all others when it comes to this area. We will always find a unique solution for your company In contrast to other service providers in our industry, you do not pay for what you consume at Instanter. You do not pay for operator time, phone calls to be patched through and forwarded messages. And that’s not all: you also do not have to pay for national calls from a landline, the use of our fully equipped conference room and so on and so forth. Curious to see what we can do for you? Contact us, we would be happy to discuss the options for your virtual office!


* A choice of convenient locations

* Stylish meeting

* High spec AV and videoconferencing equipment

* Free super-fast Wi-Fi

* Flipcharts and markers;

* Notebooks and pens

* Pricing by the hour

* Out-of-hours booking on request